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1300 318 671

Talk to an EXPERT

Sydney 02 8459 0088

Brisbane 07 3088 2988

Melbourne 03 9944 0888

Adelaide 08 7160 1188

Perth 08 6317 5288

Darwin 08 8919 4488

Canberra 02 6188 7160

Hobart 03 6281 3488

How It Works

We provide you a Phone Number to forward your existing number to or you can use this as your Client facing number, it is even possible to keep this number in teh future if you want to.

You or your team can answer the calls at your end or leave them for our professional team of Australian based Receptionists to manage for you.

We work to your rules.

Our Receptionists will know about your Business and your Services.

Seems complicated? It’s not. One of our friendly New Client Team is here to help you get set up quickly and easily.

Think of us as One of Your Team

How We Can Help When We Answer a Call

Once we have answered your call, we will find out who is calling and what we need to do to help the caller.

If it’s a call about an Appointment we can manage your Diary using whatever Online Diary Software you use, we can even provide a free online Diary for you to use.

No matter how complex your appointment scheduling procedure is, we will be able to work with it. We can deal with different Appointment Types and Lengths. We can manage different Staff, skill sets, schedules, you name it.

When appropriate we can transfer calls based on your rules – GP’s, Specialists, etc.

With the current pandemic we can screen callers based on COVID-19 rules, requirements, book Telehealth or face to face – based on your rules.

We manage your Diary according to your rules. Initial Appointments, Repeat Appointments, Reschedule Appointments, Booking Multiple Appointments, DVA, NDIS, you name it.

We get the info you need and define – Name, Number, DOB, Email, Credit Card Details, Medicare Number, Referring Doctor and Practice, where the caller heard about your business, whatever you need.

We can advise of Cancellation policies when setting initial appointment and if they are rescheduling within 24 hours, etc, whatever your policy is.

We can help callers with their questions saving you even more time.

We work to your rules on info we can give out – no mobiles, no personal emails, etc.

We can answer Callers about things such as Pricing, Rebates, Gaps, MHCP, Health Funds, TAC, DVA, EPC, Bulk Billing, Concessions, Health Care Card Holders, anything you tell us about and define the rules for us to work to.

We can advise callers about Payment Methods – EFTPOS, Cash, HICAPS, etc.

We can answer questions about your location and how to find your business.

That’s just some of the things we do for our Psychologist Clients on Inbound Calls. 

How Else We Can Help

We can help further with extra tasks that a Receptionist would normally do.

We can make Outbound Calls as per your instructions.

We can chase unpaid invoices for you.

Our System can manage alerts about specific callers or general short-term info.

Seems Complicated?

It’s not. One of our friendly New Client Team is here to help you get set up quickly and easily.

Think of us as One of Your Team