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The Story So Far

We started Your Phones Covered after realising that Australian Small and Medium Businesses needed a service that was more than a voicemail or a message service or worse an annoying “self-service” auto attendant (which usually ended up in leaving a voicemail). Our research showed callers wanted to speak to someone who could help them with their enquiry and that the companies being called wanted to offer a better experience to callers without the extra costs and headaches of employing more people. Voicemail and Auto Attendants (IVRs) were supposed to fix these issues, all they seemed to have done was to annoy the caller and create more work for the person being called.

So in 2010 we started the business on a pretty tight budget, no investors, no shark tank! We built the first version of our technology. We built a website for advertising. We hired one receptionist. We hoped!

From day one people took us up on our offer of a two-week free trial and most became clients after that, many still are. We started to grow, sometimes not as quick as we wanted, sometimes too fast! As our client base grew we hired more receptionists and wrote better software to run the business.

Today we have grown to an awesome team of receptionists who deliver great results to our many clients using the software we have written. As we continue to grow, we continue to invest in our people and our technology to fix any problems that occur. And we don’t plan on stopping there.

A Simple Philosophy and Vision

When we set up YPC we had a very simple philosophy, we still do. We think a business that people want to be part of creates better outcomes for its clients because people are happy to put the extra effort in to make sure that happens. We believe our business will be successful because of this philosophy.

Our goal is to be Australia’s best off-site reception services. Hopefully, we are on the road to achieving this.

Our People

Does it seem that every time you are trying to get things done you are distracted by having to answer a phone call? Do you find every time you answer the phone your day starts to disappear? What about those annoying calls that just waste your time? Not answering the phone and hoping the caller leaves a voicemail is not an option in case it is important, it could be a new client. With a Virtual Receptionist providing phone answering you have calls transferred to you (screen calls) or complete what you are doing and prepare yourself before returning the call.

Why Us?

At Your Phones Covered we have a simple philosophy, some might say a little old fashioned. It’s called customer service. We believe it can make the difference for your business between winning or losing customers.

Our goal is to deliver excellent customer service to your clients. We know we are potentially the first point of contact and how important first impressions can be. We are here to make sure that is special.

We work in small, highly trained teams to really get to know your business and become part of your team – your customers will think you’ve hired new staff!

Your success is ultimately how we succeed. If we don’t save you money or make you more money you won’t use our services. We are here for the long term and want to make sure it works for you first and foremost.

We can give you one guarantee – we’ll try our best to meet your business needs.


We believe that delivering a great service to our clients and being a successful organisation doesn’t have to cost the earth. Where ever possible we have applied this belief throughout our organisation. Our choice of suppliers and how we deliver our services is significantly impacted by how sustainable they are.

Please ask if you would like more information about how we achieve this or if you would like to make your account 100% sustainable please contact us.


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