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Phone Answering Service and Messaging Service

Thinking about a phone answering service? Struggling to answer your customer calls? We provide all the phone answering services a business needs

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With Prices starting from as little as $4 per week we bring Enterprise Grade Solutions within reach of every Business in Australia

When running a business, it can be difficult to find the time to answer customer calls. With our service, you’re able to outsource your phone answering needs so you can focus on what’s important. With a virtual answering service, you can focus on what matters most when you need to

How Our Virtual Answering Service Works

We provide you a local phone number or 1300 Number you can forward your calls to or use as your customer facing number

Your callers call your number or the number we provide. One of our professionaly live call answering team memebers answer your call

We follow your rules, take messages, transfers calls, capture the information you need us to. We send all the information to your inbox/SMS. Allowing you to prioritise your day


Benefits of a Phone Answering Service

An Inbound call service is a simple way to boost your revenues and improve customer service. Our live phone answering service ensures that all inbound calls are handled professionally by friendly operators. Get the benefits of our business answering services today.

Our virtual answering service is a live call answering service. Our Reception Team is located across Australia providing inbound call services to our clients. It is very simple to use and very simple to set up.

YPC Business Answering Service delivers phone services for small businesses. Our professional virtual answering service can handle your business calls throughout your busy day.

Say goodbye to customer service headaches with our live phone answering services. With our phone answering service, you get an expert on the other end of your line ready to answer any call – even if it’s your very first one!

A phone answering service can help you manage calls and avoid missed sales opportunities.

We have two standard levels of service that we can customise to be an exact match for your business needs. Both levels of service have been designed for Australian Business. It is a perfect solution for Australian Small and Medium Business. We even find large Corporate Clients like to treat their Callers with that SME Personal level of service.

Business Answering

Our full-service Virtual Answering Service. Includes answering calls in your company name, transferring calls with an introduction, answering questions, capturing complex information, taking messages

Message Service

Our Message Service is as the name suggests – Message Only. We answer in your company name and capture who has called, the number they called from and why they called

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