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Australia Landline Virtual Phone Number

1300 / 1800 Numbers

Easy Set Up

No need for Physical Landline Connection

Route to ANY Phone Anywhere

Free Voicemail to Email 

Premium Vendors to ensure High Quality Voice Calls 

29.00 per Month*

includes 60 Minutes of Forwarded Calls

Free Port-In for Existing Numbers

Talk to an EXPERT call
1300 318 671

Talk to an EXPERT

Sydney 02 8459 0088

Brisbane 07 3088 2988

Melbourne 03 9944 0888

Adelaide 08 7160 1188

Perth 08 6317 5288

Darwin 08 8919 4488

Canberra 02 6188 7160

Hobart 03 6281 3488

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How it Works
We host the Virtual Phone Number. When your Clients call the Virtual Phone Number, the calls are routed to your Mobile, to Anywhere! Or we can send it straight to Voicemail to Email

Calls Answered on your Phone are perfect quality, your Callers won’t know that they are talking to you on a Virtual Phone Number, they never know it is not a real Phone Number

If you can’t answer or don’t want to, the call comes back to your dedicated and customisable Voicemail Message. The Voicemail is emailed to you for free


Setting Up Your Australian Virtual Phone Number

Our solutions are perfect for a New Business or a Mobile Business. In fact ANY Business can easily benefit from a Virtual Phone Number.

With one of our Virtual Telephone Numbers you don’t have to have a physical landline connected to a building. You don’t have to wait weeks for an Engineer.

We can have you set up very quickly, simply complete the form below.

You don’t have to enter into any long-term contract with us. We do offer great discounts if you want to prepay for 3 or 12 months.

To Setup your Virtual Phone System with us – fill in the form below, show us some ID (we don’t want any criminals using our services, ripping people off), complete the payment setup. That’s it. Done.

Types of Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual Landline Phone Numbers – a normal Local Number which a Caller pays their phone company to call. We charge a small per minute rate if we forward to another number. We offer Virtual Landline Numbers anywhere in Australia (and beyond if you need one). These Numbers are good to show you are a local business.

1300 Phone Numbers – Callers pay a low fixed local rate to call 1300 Numbers from anywhere in Australia, you pay a low per minute rate to receive. These numbers are good if you want to show a National presence for your business.

1800 Phone Numbers – Calls to an 1800 Number are free from anywhere in Australia for the caller. You pay a slightly higher per minute rate than with a 1300 Number. We usually don’t recommend these numbers as they are of little benefit to our clients because most calls to 1300 Numbers are free these days.

Premium Calls Quality

Our Virtual Phone Number Service only uses Premium Vendors to ensure High Quality Voice Calls.

If you ever need to move services, it is even possible to take the number to another supplier.

Benefits of a Virtual Number

Control Your Availability for Business Calls – It’s great being contactable, we need to be for our clients, but not all the time. With our Business Phone System you can set your availability and control when calls come through to your phone. At other times you can let the Voicemail to Email take messages, we will even tell you if someone called and did not leave a message. If you do need someone to answer your calls 24×7, talk to our Virtual Reception Team.

Project a Professional Business Image & Build Trust – we all know what no phone number or only a mobile number look like. Maybe its ok if you are a small mobile business and that’s the image you want to project. A local number or 1300 Number projects a professional image and gives your clients the security that you are a real business.

Local Presence for SEO – having a Local Telephone Number on your website can possibly help with Google Rankings. If you want to market Nationwide use a 1300 Number or even multiple Local Virtual Phone Numbers.

Add Extra Services When You Need

If you need help answering calls you can easily Add a Virtual Receptionist to answer your calls and improve customer care.

29.00 per Month

includes 60 Minutes of Forwarded Calls

*based on 12 Month Plan

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