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Virtual Receptionists

"I would like to express my appreciation of your support for my business. You have actioned feedback quickly and provided a cost effective service. Once again I would like to let state that I have appreciated the support you have provided my business over the last 5 years."

Heidi Smith

Principal Psychologist, Organisational Psychologist

Australian Based Team

Phone Answering Service

You forward calls from your number or you use as your number

Your calls arrive and we follow your instructions

We provide you a local number or 1300 number

How It Works

We let you know the details of the call via email or SMS





get your phones covered

Think of us as one of your team!

Our professional, fully trained, Australian based Virtual Receptionists work in small teams so that they really get to know your business and can help your clients.

Your Virtual Receptionist will answer your business phone calls allowing you to take control of your telephone call answering and manage your phone answering.

We work to your rules when talking taking calls – providing your callers with the information you ask us to and capturing the information you need us to.

We can support your current Receptionist making them more efficient or we can be your Reception Team.

Use us as your full-time Receptionist or when you need your phones covered.

We can take messages, transfer calls to landlines or mobiles, manage your diary booking your clients into to see you.

We work with your diary and your systems.

In fact anything that can be carried out over the phone we can match with our Australian based team.

We do this for a fraction of the cost or headache of hiring and managing your own people.

Think of us as one of your team!

Benefits to You

Recent studies suggest that up to 78% of people won’t leave a voicemail, if the phone is not answered people simply hang up. By replacing voicemail with a live telephone call answering service you will instantly improve your callers’ experience. We think a real person is much better than an automated phone answering service!

Improve Customer Experience. Win More Business

Reduce Interruptions = Efficient Use of Time

Prioritise What You Need to Do

Eliminate Voicemails and Missed Calls

Reduce Costs and Improve Clients Experience

Less Stress and Better Work Life Balance

Sometimes You Simply Can’t Get to the Phone – Freedom for You

Does it seem that every time you are trying to get things done you are distracted by having to answer a phone call? Do you find every time you answer the phone your day starts to disappear? What about those annoying calls that just waste your time? Not answering the phone and hoping the caller leaves a voicemail is not an option in case it is important, it could be a new client. With a Virtual Receptionist providing phone answering you have calls transferred to you (screen calls) or complete what you are doing and prepare yourself before returning the call.

Are you listening to too many voicemails? Replaying over and over again to get the number? Wading through long winded or unimportant messages to identify important messages? Are they missing key information, do you know who or why they are calling? How can you prioritise without listening to each one? With a Virtual Receptionist phone answering service, all your messages will be emailed to you so that you can easily decide what to do. Simple!

Imagine all your messages in one place using technology you are already using today, where you can easily prioritise, search and store important messages. With Phone Answering all your messages are sent to your inbox (and/or SMS). If you are in a meeting, traveling or have your hands full – you can instantly see who called, what they said and you can respond to important calls immediately. With more than half of businesses in Australia now using smart phones unified communications has never been easier.

If you work in closed sessions with your clients it is simply impossible to walk out and answer that ringing phone. Imagine what the client you are with feels if you do?

What happens when the phone is ringing and you’re busy, perhaps with a client, maybe not there? No-one else is available. The Answer Machine picks up. What happens next? Do you spend what feels like half your day, if you have the spare time, playing telephone tag, calling customers back between appointments, leaving voicemails and then having them call back? Perhaps they don’t leave a message and you have to make a “we just had a missed call from this number” calls, only to find out its someone trying to sell you telephone services? Do you get hold of the caller only to find out they have booked elsewhere?

Hiring, training and managing Receptionists all takes effort and money. Full-time, part-time, casual, permanent – the complexities of employing in Australia cannot be ignored. Add to that holidays, sick days, breaks and it soon becomes apparent that it is a significant investment of both time and money to ensure you have the right admin people in your front office. A Virtual Receptionist Service can help a lot of these headaches can go away.

By having our friendly and professional Virtual Receptionists answer your calls, you can maximise the return of your customer service spending. If you are a smaller business you may not need a support person. If you are a bigger business your people can be focused on assisting clients and keeping all the never-ending admin tasks up to date.

Are you tied to the phone just in case it rings? Do you worry about taking time away from the business? Are you concerned about missing an important call? With a Virtual Receptionist answering calls, you can relax knowing that you won’t miss a thing. You don’t need to be answering calls on your mobile when taking a day off (unless you want to!!). You can update your Virtual Receptionist as often as you like to ensure that your clients’ expectations are always managed. We can even call people back for you!

Time and time again our clients tell us how wonderful it is to be able to relax knowing that their calls are being managed properly by one of our professional Virtual Receptionists. Maybe you have a deadline for a client and keep getting interrupted. Maybe you worry about missing new clients and new income. Sometimes you really do have your hands full, perhaps it’s a family occasion, an afternoon off or simply spending quality time with the people you love. Did anyone go into business to have less spare time or control of their life?

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