Vanessa Emilio recently published an article on Australia Solo Business website Flying Solo. You can find the full article here

Some very good tips for maximising your productivity.

We thought number 2 on her list “Stop wasted phone call time” is very similar to feedback we get all the time from clients after they start using our services.

She recommends “2. Stop wasted phone call time. People will call you on the phone when it suits them to spend your time while they go on about their It is distracting and interrupts your workflow. Say no to energy vampires – allow phone calls to go through to messages so you can call people back when it works best for you.”

It’s great advice BUT unfortunately up to 80% of callers wont leave a message, what happens if you really should have taken the call, unless you are psychic you cant know! With YPC helping you will get a email or SMS for every message you don’t answer, this allows you to instantly prioritise a call back OR one of our receptionists could call you and see if you have the time to take the call, and take a message if you are busy.

Her other idea to “9. Stop trying to do everything yourself. Do the things you are good at and the things that need to be done to create results. If you need help to get the rest done, consider getting help. While it does take time to write a brief/train someone else/advertise, interview and find help, it will be worth it in the end.” is exactly where we fit in.

By using our services you immediately achieve her last suggestion of “pick two or three to start with”.

Feel free to get in contact with the YPC team to discuss further – perhaps take advantage of our free trial to see if it helps?